Tyler Fortier


4-tier Productions works primarily with songwriters in the NW to shape songs, guide projects to their fullest potential & achieve quality recordings

About 4-tier Productions:

4-tier Productions began in 2012 out of the exertion to sustain the nomadic lifestyle of a traveling performer/songwriter. Based out of Eugene, Oregon, I work primarily with songwriters in the NW to shape songs, guide projects to their fullest potential, and achieve quality recordings. Along with these music production services, I also provide mixing, tracking, and consultation to my clients. 4-tier Productions LOVES working with local engineers and recording studios! I've worked out of several studios in Eugene, Oregon as well as Portland, Oregon. If budget allows for it, I will always try to team up with the fantastic local talent and studio owners we have here in the northwest. 4-tier Productions is NOT a recording studio but we do have the resources to record great sounding audio and have indeed made a lot of superb sounding records right out of our tiny little recording space. *see gear list below. One of my secrets (shhh don't tell anyone) is to surround myself with talented, positive, and hard-working individuals. I have a great crew I love to work with for projects whether it be drums, bass, pedal steel, horns, or strings. If you're a songwriter with only an acoustic guitar but want to revel in that full band sound, then we've got you covered. If you have a band already, then that's cool too. I'm here to help you realize your sound and provide you with the resources you need. I often tell people, imagine you're a painter working on a 12 ft x 12 ft canvas and you only have the ability to stand 6 inches away at any given time while you are working. This is what it kind of feels like when you are recording songs that are so close and personal to you. As a producer, I am able to stand much farther back, look through a much more objective scope, and have the ability to see the project as a whole.

What does a music producer do?
Producer, Phil Elk (Fleet Foxes, Built to Spill, The Shins, Band of Horses) describes his role as producer as, “the person who creatively guides or directs the process of making a record, like a director would a movie.”  Each producer has their own strengths and style of how they work and interact with artists, but whether they are as hands on as writing parts and restructuring songs, or as passive as merely overseeing the recording process, the main objective is always to bring out the best in the musicians, as well as the songs.

My role as producer
The first and possibly most important thing I try to achieve is discerning and then dissecting the emotional connection between the song and its’ writer. From there, my role as producer is to help reflect, enhance, and translate those important emotive qualities to the listener. Without connecting to an audience, a song will fall flat.  Emotive impact is crucial in gaining a wider audience and the more you or your producer understands the strengths and weaknesses of a particular song, the more you can best compose what becomes, hopefully, the most supreme and highest form a song can live in. An example I have been using recently with clients is, “Let’s say, I decide to bring a violinist in on a project to perform on the chorus and/or the bridge of a song. That doesn’t necessarily mean that I am aiming to highlight the violin performance, but perhaps to augment a pivotal point in the dramatic structure or the emotional intensity of a certain phrasing or word.”

My views as producer
I like to think of songs as having a life of their own and each one has their own individual needs and wants. There are many different shapes a song can take from the initial steps in writing, to performing live, to collaborating with others, and then recording.  People often confuse the fact that these are all very different types of creative outlets and while they are all closely connected, they need to be treated with different care and individual priorities.  The primary objective is to help guide every song to its’ best potential and every project (whether it be an EP or full-length) to its’ most cohesive form.  In some instances my work involves (but is not limited to): restructuring the format of a song, taking away, adding, or changing select words, adjusting the rhythm or tempo, choosing and writing arrangements, and designating which songs work best for the project as a whole.

Clients of 4tier Productions:


“Working with Tyler is an experience. As a producer, Tyler brings in original ideas and sound, paired with creating a professional quality I needed for internationally released work. As a talented musician, he creates a very comfortable working environment staying true to the artist's vision yet providing options to expand the original concepts. Tyler is a blast to work with and really brings the passion, tools and knowhow from both sides of the table.”
- Craig Chee - Internationally Touring Ukuleleist

"I had an extremely short deadline for a Custom Song project that I was working on and Tyler Fortier did an absolutely amazing job for me. His communication and professionalism were top-notch.. He was able to schedule all of the players for me and get everything recorded in a very timely manner.. And most importantly, the final project exceeded my highest musical expectations. The client was thrilled and so was the recipient of the Custom Song! Tyler was an absolute pleasure to work with and I would jump at the chance to collaborate with him again. Highly recommended!"

- Jesse Terry - Award-winning and Internationally Touring Singer/Songwriter

"After hearing the production work on Mike Surber's Album "The Long Con", I knew I wanted to work with Tyler. Being a great songwriter himself, he really takes the time to connect with the songs that he produces. He is very mindful of the feeling of the tune and strives to let a good song speak for itself. The added musical arrangements are purposeful. While they add vitality and color, they don't overtake the basic song and its message. Tyler's high functioning creativity and commitment to quality is very apparent. It has been a blast seeing these songs come to life.”
-Scott Austin - Eugene based Singer/Songwriter

“Tyler Fortier produced my album The Long Con and I couldn't be happier with the end result or the process that lead to it. He had an immense positive influence on the overall sound of the album, yet he was always committed to the notion that the album was "my baby" and that my vision and satisfaction were top priority. That's what every musician looks for in a good producer: Someone who's as invested in the project as if it were their own, yet never forgets that it's actually yours. That's Tyler.”
-Mike Surber - Eugene based Singer/Songwriter

“You probably know Tyler Fortier from his music. He’s a great singer, a great songwriter, and a great showman. What you may not know is that he is equally talented in the world of production. I’ve had the chance to work with Tyler on many occasions in the studio, and have been nothing short of amazed at his ability to bring out the best in everyone involved. I would highly recommend his production skills to anybody wanting a great time, and a great final product.”
-Peter Perdichizzi - Former guitarist for The Flys

“Working with Tyler is a joy and absolutely free of stress. The studio atmosphere is laid-back and truly collaborative which allows me to relax and deliver the song, and that's the just the beginning; the best part is hearing what Tyler does with the production when I'm gone.”
-Beth Wood - Award-winning Touring Singer/Songwriter

*4-tier Productions Studio Gear


  • Mac Mini: 2.6GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 w/1 terabyte storage
  • Apple Logic Pro X: Apple's flagship recording software
  • Universal Audio Quad Apollo


  • M-Audio AV 30


  • UAD 2 Analog Classics bundle
  • UAD Precision De-Esser
  • Logic Pro X bundle


  • Rode NT-2A
  • Audix CX 111
  • MXL V63M



  • Breedlove Passport C250/CM
  • Ibanez PF Series 1058
  • Takamine G Series EGS-330SC
  • Seagull S6 + Spruce
  • Bean Blossom by Morgan Monroe resonator guitar
  • Washburn D12-12TS 12-string acoustic guitar
  • Washburn 5-string banjo


  • 1973 Fender Rhodes Mark 1 Stage Piano
  • 1920's Kohler & Campbell upright piano (Old Blue)
  • Vintage Orcoa Carnival Organ
  • M-Audio Keystudio 49-key USB MIDI Controller


  • 1970's Peavey Vintage 4x10 amplifier