Tyler Fortier


What are custom songs?
Writing custom songs is a new and exciting concept for me. From non-profit organizations to breweries and businesses, or even for individual use, it can be a unique gift idea for an anniversary, birthday, graduation, or any important life event.  It’s pretty much as simple as, you provide me the information you want to include in the song and I will write it and record it for you and yours.  All we need to do is discuss what all those important details will be. For example: inside jokes, specific lines, important colors or imagery, people’s names, the mood and feel you want to capture, the tempo, and so on and so fourth.

Email for rates & additional info: ty_fortier@yahoo.com



“The custom wedding song that Tyler wrote for us made our first dance incredibly special. His exceptionally creative lyrics were just the personalized touch we wanted for our wedding. We'll be dancing to our song for the rest of our lives! Thanks, Tyler!”

-Kelsey Greco, custom song client


“All of us here at CASA of Central Oregon want to thank you for providing us with a song that we will use not only for our upcoming concert, but as a theme song deeply reflecting the work we do. You far exceeded our expectations with your timeliness, professionalism and depth of understanding about our program and the children we serve. I would highly recommend you to any organization looking to share their story through the art of music.”

-Leslie Fritch, Associate Director CASA, custom song client


"Tyler Fortier is deep. Almost “deep” to the point of mystic proportions when you consider he’s probably still in his twenty’s, not an addict, and not some lecherous by-product of the cruelties of the music business. His music and thickly recorded productions tend to be in my regular rotation--catch Tyler live for a no-bullshit journey down Americana Lane that’s fresh but accessible whether you appreciate the genre or not.

-James Book, VP of Marketing Ninkasi Brewing Company, custom song client