Tyler Fortier

Producer / Songwriter


Artist Album Year Credit
Ky Burt Not Yet Titled 2018 In Production...
Dave Taylor "Closer To The Rain" 2018 In Production...
McKayla Marie "Open Road" EP 2018 In Production...
Craig Chee & Sarah Maisel "Honeysuckle Rose" 2018 Mixing Engineer
Sean McGowan "Prairie Road" 2018 Producer/Mixing Engineer
Greg Nestler Not Yet Titled 2018 In Production...
Jake McNeillie & Company "Eternal Void" 2018 In Production...
Beth Wood "The Long Road" 2018 Producer
Tyler Fortier "The Bard" (Warner/Chappell Production Music) 2018 Composer/Producer/Writer
Peter Giri "All Hands on Deck" EP 2018 Producer/Mixing Engineer
Arran Fagan "The Weight of Time" 2018 Co-Producer/Mixing Engineer
Jeffrey Martin "One Go Around" 2017 Producer/Mixing Engineer
Neal Chin "The Spotless Mind" 2017 Mixing Engineer
Jake McNeillie & Company "Le Petit Redhead (ar-rhyth-mi-a)" 2017 Mixing Engineer
Starby "Days of Nothing" 2017 Mixing Engineer
Kate Brown "Water From Ashes" EP 2016 Producer/Mixing Engineer
Neal Chin "Ukulele Paintings" 2016 Mixing Engineer
Jake McNeillie & Company "Delirium: A Southern Gothic Fable" 2016 Producer
Beth Wood "Spring Tide" 2016 Producer/Mixing Engineer
Trimangle "Trimangle" EP 2015 Mixing Engineer
American Mayday "American Mayday" EP 2015 Producer/Mixing Engineer
Craig Chee & Sarah Maisel "Scene 1: Take 1" 2015 Producer/Mixing Engineer
Sean McGowan "Strange Constellations" EP 2015 Producer/Mixing Engineer
Fast Man "Geronimo" EP 2014 Co-Producer/Mixing Engineer
Eric John Kaiser "Idaho" 2014 Producer
Tyler Fortier "Black & White Heart" 2014 Producer/Mixing Engineer/Writer
Beth Wood "Sometimes Love" 2014 Producer/Mixing Engineer
Scott Austin "Complicated Heart" 2014 Producer/Mixing Engineer
Eric John Kaiser "Le Pari" EP 2013 Mixing Engineer
Mark Ward "So Beautiful" EP 2013 Producer/Mixing Engineer
Craig Chee "Life in the Key of Chee" 2013 Producer/Mixing Engineer
Zachary Allen "Can't Hold Back" EP 2013 Producer/Mixing Engineer
Mike Surber "The Long Con" 2012 Producer
Tyler Fortier "Bang on Time" 2011 Producer/Writer
Tyler Fortier "Fear of the Unknown" 2011 Co-Producer/Writer
Tyler Fortier "And They Rode like Wildfire..." 2011 Producer/Writer
Tyler Fortier "This Love is Fleeting" 2010 Producer/Writer
Tyler Fortier "Pale Moon Rise" 2009 Producer/Writer
Tyler Fortier "drunk" 2007 Producer/Writer
Tyler Fortier "When the Sun Hits the Water" 2006 Writer
Jeff Crosby "Hallways of My Heart" 2018 Producer/Mixing Engineer
Anna Tivel "Dust and Magic" 2018 Producer/Mixing Engineer
Scott Austin "You're Not Alone" 2017 Producer/Mixing Engineer
Tyler Fortier "Song For Levon" 2015 Producer/Mixing Engineer/Writer
Tyler Fortier Custom Song: "Dawn of the Red" 2015 Producer/Mixing Engineer/Writer
Tyler Fortier Custom Song: "Light of Hope" 2014 Producer/Mixing Engineer/Writer
Mckayla Webb "Broken Path" 2013 Producer/Mixing Engineer
Jesse Terry Custom Song: "Walking Contradiction" 2013 Producer/Mixing Engineer
Eric John Kaiser "Le Pari" 2013 Producer/Mixing Engineer
Tyler Fortier "Dreams Are Like Fire" 2012 Co-Producer/Writer